Cover a Canvas in Fabric for Cheap, Cute Art

I found this awesome empty frame at goodwill a few weeks ago without really knowing what I would do with it.  But for four dollars, I couldn’t pass it up.  I also found some awesome canvas fabric that I couldn’t pass up, and also not having any idea what I would do with it.  Surprisingly, I ended up using them together.


To make this, you simply take your power stapler and staple your fabric around an old canvas, you could also use a picture frame to get the same effect.


Re-purposed Goodwill Dresser

I have been so inspired by people’s goodwill purchases that they re-purpose to look like awesome one of a kind furniture.  My boyfriend and I just moved to Arizona and had been living without a dresser for too long.  One of the reasons being that we couldn’t afford a new one, and anything we found on Craigslist or at thrift stores were…how do I put this gently? hideous! But once I saw how creative people were getting with their thrift store purchases I thought, I can do that too! Here is my re-styled goodwill dresser, all finished.  I have to admit, we did splurge on the fancy glass knobs at Pottery Barn (we had a gift card).



Coffe Can Storage

Usually my coffe comes in those ugly, plastic, weird shaped Folger’s canisters, so when I end up buying coffee in the old school cylindrical cans I find myself wanting to save them for organizational purposes, so I finally did it.  All my crafting tools were sitting in multiple mason jars on my desk. Yes, cute, but not practical.  I had some leftover fabric from the material I covered my desk chair with so I used that so that it would match.  I simply measured a rectangle that fit all the way around the can and hot glued it on.  Easy Peasy.

Home Made Gel Air Freshener

I stumbled upon this idea on…big surprise…pinterest! A big thanks to for the idea and recipe.  It was really easy, and works great!

What you’ll need…

– Some type of glass container

– 4 packets of unflavored gelatin

– 1 tbsp salt

– 2 cups boiling water and 2 cups cold water

– Scented essential oil (You can find these at Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby) I however had some fancy ones leftover from when I made candles. sells some awesome scents for really cheap.

– Food coloring

What to do…

Start by filling your glass container with a few small drops of food coloring and a couple teaspoons of your essential oil.  Then bring 2 cups of water to a boil.  Add the 4 packs of gelatin and salt, and stir.  Once gelatin dissolves, add the other two cups of water.  Then pour gelatin and water mixture into glass containers and stir to make sure the oil and food coloring mixes.  Let mixture sit over night to allow gelatin to harden.  The salt is added for a reason…to prevent mold, so don’t let your gelatin room freshener sit out too long.  I’ve heard the scent lasts about a month, but I haven’t had mine out that long to test that theory.  It does smell great though!


Super easy maxi dress


Using this great tutorial from Pinterest (where else?!) I made this sweet maxi dress.  The tutorial I used made theirs with cotton, which I would do next time because I used a really stretchy jersey fabric, that I thought would be easier…it wasn’t.  I want to try this again with cotton.

You can see from my pictures I did the same thing she did and made a sash out of the fabric from the bottom of the dress, and used a belt to cover up the seem around the waist.  Simple sewing at it’s best.

Turn your favorite t-shirt into a cute throw pillow

Taking old t-shirts and turning them into throw pillows is something I learned form my mom.  Her motto is that if you aren’t using it, why hold on to it? Sentimental value isn’t a big thing for her (half serious, half joking).  But in turn, that makes her really great at recycling and re-purposing things…like old t-shirts.  You know you have too many old t-shirts to count that you never wear anymore, but can’t give up because “they’re sentimental!!”.  Well, I say turn them into something you will use, like a cute pillow! I took my boyfriend’s favorite favorite favorite (very old, torn up) t-shirt into a pillow for his birthday last year, and this is how I did it.

Start with your t-shirt and a pillow that fits inside the width and length of the t.

Next is the hard part…start chopping your shirt up into bits and pieces…follow the very precise measurements in my above photos.

You can see in the second picture that after you cut through the seems on the side of the shirt you have two big pieces of fabric, one is the front of the shirt, and one is the back.  With the back side you are going to cut that piece in half.  This is so you can easily remove your pillow sham after you sew it, and doing it without adding any buttons or zippers.  Next, you are going to start pinning your sham together.  Lay everything inside out around the pillow.  Overlap the two back pieces (just a couple inches, so there isn’t any pillow showing after you sew it together).

When you are all done and have sewn all the pieces together, you should have seems that look something like this…

The seem going across the middle of the pillow should not be sewn shut, that is where you will insert the pillow.  I have a seem there because I wanted a clean line on the outside of the pillow.  But hopefully by now you get my whole overlap technique.  If not, feel free to just sew the whole thing shut.

Just a side note, I wanted the collar to show on my pillow (you can chop your off if you want so you have a clean, straight line) because it had all the cool wear and tear, so I took a piece of the sleeve and sewed it behind the collar like the above picture.

After  you’ve finished sewing, turn your pillow sham right-side-out, put the pillow in, and wa-la! A very cool, homemade, re-purposed pillow sham!

I L.O.V.E. February

February was a very inspirational month for me this year.  I am happily in love, but I have always LOVED valentines day.  Here are a few things I made this month to celebrate love.

Tissue paper heart candle holders inspired by pinterest.  I got the tissue paper at the dollar store and the candle holders at Michaels.  Over all, this cost me about $12.00.  Not too bad in my opinion.

This one was all my idea.  I bought the stickers at Michaels and just saved a few wine bottles.  My tip for this project is to soak your wine bottles for a long, long, long time in order to get the labels off.

This one was also inspired by pinterest (craftaholicsanonymous).  The canvas is an old top to an ikea coffee table.  For the letters I bought some thick scrap book paper and used the die cut machine at my work to get the perfect X’s and O’s. After I got the letters but I simply glued them onto the piece of wood.  I used tacky glue.

This is another project inspired by pinterest.  I used a deck of cards to make an extra special valentine for my sweetheart.  I put a different reason I love my boyfriend, Colin on each card.  This project was a little tedious since I decided to mod podge each reason onto each card.  If you wanted, i’m sure it would be cute to just write the reason on each card.

How I made my own wordpress header

For this post I give all the credit to Picnik, a free photo editing site.  I used the site to create my own wordpress header for my blog. It’s super easy.  Here’s how I did it.

1.) Went to Google and searched words like “plaid” or “stripes” to find images of those things to use as my background.  I made sure to view only the large images so that they were big enough to edit.  When I found one I liked I uploaded it to picnik.

2.) Once you have your image in picnik you want to crop the image to the right dimensions for your wordpress blog.  It will tell you in your appearance tab in your dashboard under header what the dimensions need to be for your specific theme.  I’m pretty sure all the themes will have different dimensions needed for the header.  Mine were 855 by 252 megapixels.  If you go to picnik you will see on the left side there is any area where you can make basic edits like cropping or adjusting the light.

3.) Once you have your image cropped it’s up to you with what to do with it.  There are many different fonts, stickers, and fun things to edit your image with.  You can see on the top of the picture above the different tabs you can go to in order to edit your photo.  I used mine to make some sort of logo for my blog, but you can do what you want with it.

4.) Then, the last step will be uploading it to your wordpress blog.  To do this you will go to your appearance tab in your dashboard.  Click on header.  There you will see where to upload it.  You can upload as many as you want.  You also have the option of turning off the text on the top of your blog, which I did so that you only see my custom header.

5.) and wa-la! You have your own custom made header for your wordpress blog.  Also, as you can see above I made quite a few and uploaded all of them.  This makes it easy to change the appearance of your blog, if that’s what you wish to do.

Hope this was helpful!

Photo collage

My mom loves to garden.  I love to take pictures.  The last couple times all of her flowers were in bloom I made sure to take some pictures.  I saw the idea to make a photo collage like this one a while ago.  This is my version I made for my mom for Christmas.




– Black frame (I got this one from Ikea)

– 16 4×6 photos

– double sided tape


Get the photos you want to use developed.  Make sure how many your developing will fit into your frame.  Then tape or glue your photos onto a piece of paper that fits into the frame.  The frame I got came with a piece of paper in it, so I just used that since it was already cut to the right dimensions.

Total cost was probably under 10 or 15 dollars.  Developing the pictures was only a couple bucks, and the frame couldn’t have been more then 10.


Yum – a clear and direct way of appreciating someone’s food.  I love this word so much that I made over-sized letters to go up in my kitchen (with a little help from a friend).  Just in case someone might forget how good my cooking is. haha just kidding…sorta… anyway here are my letters.  They were so easy to make!

This was a super easy and fast project.  My friend bought me the cardboard letters at Joann Fabrics, but I am sure they are available at all kinds of craft stores.  The only other two things I needed was tinfoil to cover the letters with and mod podge.  Then I just cut and ripped pieces of the tin foil to cover the letters with.  I got the shelf at Home Goods for about 12 bucks.  In total this couldn’t have cost more then about 20 bucks.  And they are so cute!


– Cardboard letters (or wood ones would work)

– tinfoil

– mod podge