Caprese Casserole

Caprese salad is one of my favorite summer salads.  I had made some pesto during the week so I thought I should make a twist on the summer salad and made a caprese casserole.  It was super easy and yummy.  Here’s what I did…


What you’ll need:

– Whole wheat pasta

– 1 Can of tomatoes

– Approx. 1 cup of Pesto

– Shredded Mozzarella

– Pre-cooked shredded chicken


What to do…

– Cook your noodles about half way through.   I don’t like when casseroles turn to mush because the noodles got overcooked, so I always only cook my noodles or rice half way through.

– Mix your noodles in a bow with the pesto, chicken, tomatoes, and a handful of the mozzarella cheese.

– Dump that mixture into a glass baking dish.

– Top with the rest of your cheese.

– Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes with tin foil on, then for another 10 minutes with it off.



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