Don’t Just Re-heat. Re-purpose those leftovers. L/O Corn bread casserole and L/O Mac n’ Chili Goulash

Last week I made some awesome chili and cornbread.  I was only feeding myself and Colin so of course we had some leftovers.  I’m trying to make myself better at re-purposing and actually eating our leftovers.  I grew up in a household where it was practically a crime to let a leftover go uneaten.  The two recipes I am posting about are by far some of my best work at re-using leftovers.

For the first part of the leftovers I made Mexican chicken casserole with a corn bread topping.  Oh yeah, a cheesy, chicken-y casserole topped with cornbread and lots of cheddar cheese.  You can’t go wrong.  It was delicious.  You can find my recipe for the shredded chicken I used here.

For the casserole you’ll need…

– Shredded chicken

– 1 cup Sour cream

– 1 cup Cheddar cheese

– 1 can of black or pinto beans

– 1 can of corn

– leftover corn bread (you could also make corn bread mix and pour that on top and let it bake. That would be even better.)

Now for the easy part.  Throw the first five ingredients into a bowl and mix.  Then pour into a casserole dish.  Crumble you leftover corn bread on top and sprinkle the rest of your cheese on top of that.  Pop it in the oven at 350 for about 20-30 minutes.  Make sure you put tin foil on top of the dish so the cheese doesn’t burn.
Now for the leftover chili…

I call this dish my Mac n’ Chili Goulash.  Goulash being a very traditional Minnesota type of dish.  Usually including some type of noodle, beans, and beef.  I was feeling super tired and not in the mood to make anything special for dinner.  Colin reminded me that we had frozen our leftover chili and we could have that.  It wasn’t really enough for the two of us though. That’s when I saw the box of Annie’s mac and cheese in our pantry.  LIGHT BULB! I took the chili out of the freezer and ran some hot water over it to let it thaw.  I cooked the mac n’ cheese noodles for about 5 minutes just to get the noodles cooking but not all the way so they didn’t turn to mush in the crock pot.  Then I just dumped the chili in, then the noodles, then the cheese packet, some milk, and a tiny bit of butter, stirred it up, and let it cook.  Insta-dinner! It was so satisfying and delicious.


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