The BEST crock pot taco recipe eva


Living on my own again with a new-found passion and love for good food, I have a great deal of respect for the magical things that can happen in a crock pot.  I found this recipe and swear by it.  It is a no-fail, and I would say pretty healthy (depending on the amount of dairy you use) recipe.  It is super duper easy…here we go.

Step 1: Bust out your crock pot

Step 2: Put in as much chicken you want to use. I usually use two to three chicken breasts depending on their size and it makes a TON of food. I have also put the chicken in thawed out and frozen, and both work great.

Step 3: Add… Salsa (enough to cover the chicken), 1 can of corn, 1 -2 cans of black beans (again depending on how much chicken you use), and either cream cheese, sour cream, or if you’re being healthy neither or maybe some plain greek yogurt.  I like having the creamy element so I always add something.  I also add a few shakes of some type of hot sauce of taco seasoning to give it a little something extra.

Step 4: Turn your crock pot on and let it do it’s thang. High for 3-4 hours or low for 5-8 (depending on how fast you need it to cook) Again, I have done both and both work.  This is a very fail-safe recipe.

Step 5: After chicken is cooked and you’re ready to eat take out the chicken breasts and shred the chicken, then put back in the crock pot.

Step 6: Enjoy! I like to make cilantro lime rice and make a burrito bowl, wrap it up in a tortilla, or just eat it plain. It is so good!




Super easy maxi dress


Using this great tutorial from Pinterest (where else?!) I made this sweet maxi dress.  The tutorial I used made theirs with cotton, which I would do next time because I used a really stretchy jersey fabric, that I thought would be easier…it wasn’t.  I want to try this again with cotton.

You can see from my pictures I did the same thing she did and made a sash out of the fabric from the bottom of the dress, and used a belt to cover up the seem around the waist.  Simple sewing at it’s best.

Asparagus Easter Tart

I made this on Easter and it was DELICIOUS.  It is a mixture of asparagus, cheesy goodness, and a crispy, flaky crust, and wasn’t even that hard to make.  I got the original recipe idea from my Food Network magazine (my bible), but used a recipe from Pinterest. Find the original at

Here are the photos I took of my tart…

Turn your favorite t-shirt into a cute throw pillow

Taking old t-shirts and turning them into throw pillows is something I learned form my mom.  Her motto is that if you aren’t using it, why hold on to it? Sentimental value isn’t a big thing for her (half serious, half joking).  But in turn, that makes her really great at recycling and re-purposing things…like old t-shirts.  You know you have too many old t-shirts to count that you never wear anymore, but can’t give up because “they’re sentimental!!”.  Well, I say turn them into something you will use, like a cute pillow! I took my boyfriend’s favorite favorite favorite (very old, torn up) t-shirt into a pillow for his birthday last year, and this is how I did it.

Start with your t-shirt and a pillow that fits inside the width and length of the t.

Next is the hard part…start chopping your shirt up into bits and pieces…follow the very precise measurements in my above photos.

You can see in the second picture that after you cut through the seems on the side of the shirt you have two big pieces of fabric, one is the front of the shirt, and one is the back.  With the back side you are going to cut that piece in half.  This is so you can easily remove your pillow sham after you sew it, and doing it without adding any buttons or zippers.  Next, you are going to start pinning your sham together.  Lay everything inside out around the pillow.  Overlap the two back pieces (just a couple inches, so there isn’t any pillow showing after you sew it together).

When you are all done and have sewn all the pieces together, you should have seems that look something like this…

The seem going across the middle of the pillow should not be sewn shut, that is where you will insert the pillow.  I have a seem there because I wanted a clean line on the outside of the pillow.  But hopefully by now you get my whole overlap technique.  If not, feel free to just sew the whole thing shut.

Just a side note, I wanted the collar to show on my pillow (you can chop your off if you want so you have a clean, straight line) because it had all the cool wear and tear, so I took a piece of the sleeve and sewed it behind the collar like the above picture.

After  you’ve finished sewing, turn your pillow sham right-side-out, put the pillow in, and wa-la! A very cool, homemade, re-purposed pillow sham!

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner.  Quick, easy, and delicious.  My boyfriend and I do breakfast for dinner maybe once a month.  Eggs are such a good protein, and roasted potatoes are my favorite. This time we did a onion, pepper, spinach, and cheese scramble with roasted potatoes.

For the eggs…

– Scramble your eggs

– Caramalize onions

– Then add whatever veggies you desire.  We usually do bell peppers because we always have some on hand

– Pour in your eggs

– Last add some spinach

For the potatoes…

– dice some potatoes into bite size pieces

– lightly cover in olive oil and salt & pepper

– bake at about 375 for 20-30 minutes or until crispy exterior



My classic cheesecake creation topped with a vanilla mousse, fresh strawberries, and chocolate.  Usually I find myself tweaking recipes I find online to simplify them, or make them easier on the wallet, but this one was just right.  I took the recipe from  I’m sad to say my friend and I could only make it through half of this cheesecake, but from what we did eat, it was heavenly.  I highly recommend this recipe for any occasion…even if that might be staying in on a Friday night…