I L.O.V.E. February

February was a very inspirational month for me this year.  I am happily in love, but I have always LOVED valentines day.  Here are a few things I made this month to celebrate love.

Tissue paper heart candle holders inspired by pinterest.  I got the tissue paper at the dollar store and the candle holders at Michaels.  Over all, this cost me about $12.00.  Not too bad in my opinion.

This one was all my idea.  I bought the stickers at Michaels and just saved a few wine bottles.  My tip for this project is to soak your wine bottles for a long, long, long time in order to get the labels off.

This one was also inspired by pinterest (craftaholicsanonymous).  The canvas is an old top to an ikea coffee table.  For the letters I bought some thick scrap book paper and used the die cut machine at my work to get the perfect X’s and O’s. After I got the letters but I simply glued them onto the piece of wood.  I used tacky glue.

This is another project inspired by pinterest.  I used a deck of cards to make an extra special valentine for my sweetheart.  I put a different reason I love my boyfriend, Colin on each card.  This project was a little tedious since I decided to mod podge each reason onto each card.  If you wanted, i’m sure it would be cute to just write the reason on each card.


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