How I made my own wordpress header

For this post I give all the credit to Picnik, a free photo editing site.  I used the site to create my own wordpress header for my blog. It’s super easy.  Here’s how I did it.

1.) Went to Google and searched words like “plaid” or “stripes” to find images of those things to use as my background.  I made sure to view only the large images so that they were big enough to edit.  When I found one I liked I uploaded it to picnik.

2.) Once you have your image in picnik you want to crop the image to the right dimensions for your wordpress blog.  It will tell you in your appearance tab in your dashboard under header what the dimensions need to be for your specific theme.  I’m pretty sure all the themes will have different dimensions needed for the header.  Mine were 855 by 252 megapixels.  If you go to picnik you will see on the left side there is any area where you can make basic edits like cropping or adjusting the light.

3.) Once you have your image cropped it’s up to you with what to do with it.  There are many different fonts, stickers, and fun things to edit your image with.  You can see on the top of the picture above the different tabs you can go to in order to edit your photo.  I used mine to make some sort of logo for my blog, but you can do what you want with it.

4.) Then, the last step will be uploading it to your wordpress blog.  To do this you will go to your appearance tab in your dashboard.  Click on header.  There you will see where to upload it.  You can upload as many as you want.  You also have the option of turning off the text on the top of your blog, which I did so that you only see my custom header.

5.) and wa-la! You have your own custom made header for your wordpress blog.  Also, as you can see above I made quite a few and uploaded all of them.  This makes it easy to change the appearance of your blog, if that’s what you wish to do.

Hope this was helpful!


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