Photo collage

My mom loves to garden.  I love to take pictures.  The last couple times all of her flowers were in bloom I made sure to take some pictures.  I saw the idea to make a photo collage like this one a while ago.  This is my version I made for my mom for Christmas.




– Black frame (I got this one from Ikea)

– 16 4×6 photos

– double sided tape


Get the photos you want to use developed.  Make sure how many your developing will fit into your frame.  Then tape or glue your photos onto a piece of paper that fits into the frame.  The frame I got came with a piece of paper in it, so I just used that since it was already cut to the right dimensions.

Total cost was probably under 10 or 15 dollars.  Developing the pictures was only a couple bucks, and the frame couldn’t have been more then 10.


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