Bag lunch

I was just scanning my pinterest and came along a post about foods you should eat everyday.  Things like dark leafy greens, nuts, whole grains, and fruit.  I am eating my bag lunch right now and realized almost all of the things I packed are foods you should eat everyday! Eating right is something that is always on my mind.  I always try and stay conscious of how many fruits and veggies I eat in a day, eat whole grains, and lean proteins.  Those are my three basic diet restrictions.  I don’t believe in dieting, but I do believe in living a healthy life style.  I  I didn’t think to post my yummy lunch until after I ate most of it…so no pictures.

– Main course: Whole wheat wrap with turkey, spinach, and 1 pack of skinny cow herb and garlic cream cheese.

– About two cups of grapes

– 1 chobani raspberry greek yogurt (my new obsession) They are so rich and creamy, but contain so much protein they keep you full for a long time. I love them.  I especially like the Chobani brand because they are all natural.  I bought the Dannon brand last week and it tasted a lot sweeter and contained fructose (which I believe is just code for sugar).

– 1 cup of roasted peanuts

– …and 2 chocolate kisses for good measure 🙂

– And always lots and lots of water.

And just a bonus for me…I’m eating this after a great workout. Feeling good!


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