Yum – a clear and direct way of appreciating someone’s food.  I love this word so much that I made over-sized letters to go up in my kitchen (with a little help from a friend).  Just in case someone might forget how good my cooking is. haha just kidding…sorta… anyway here are my letters.  They were so easy to make!

This was a super easy and fast project.  My friend bought me the cardboard letters at Joann Fabrics, but I am sure they are available at all kinds of craft stores.  The only other two things I needed was tinfoil to cover the letters with and mod podge.  Then I just cut and ripped pieces of the tin foil to cover the letters with.  I got the shelf at Home Goods for about 12 bucks.  In total this couldn’t have cost more then about 20 bucks.  And they are so cute!


– Cardboard letters (or wood ones would work)

– tinfoil

– mod podge


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